South Shore High School
Chicago, Illinois
Class of June 1959

55th Reunion

55th Reunion in Chicago - July 13, 2014

Our class gathered again for our 55th reunion at the beautiful home of Don and Carol Andrews in Northfield.
About 60 of us attended, including some who came from out of town for the occasion. All agreed that our
reunions keep getting better and better. Thanks go to Stan Leon for the photos.

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Marshall Jacobson, Gail Marx Salinger, George Ury, Pat Henig Hartman,
John Salinger, Shelly Blitz Berk, Debbie Davidson Lange, Naomi Glicken

Judy Price Goldman, Don Andrews, Carol Andrews, Shirley Ruthstein Schwartz,
Pat Henig Hartman, Jim Andrews, Julie Goldschmidt Schlossberg, Toby Heizler

Frances Frieder Gordon, Barbara Much Roseman, Carol Andrews,
Susie Sacks Andrews, Kathy Patinkin, Paula Schwartz Zeid

Lyle Felsenthal, Diane Skidell Felsenthal, Judy Price Goldman,
Dorothy Weinberg, Jim Andrews, Gene Cohen, Stacy Cohen,
Don Andrews, Bob Schlossberg, Burton Weinberg

Marty Swidler, Mike Grossman, Mike Jordan, Steve Sherman, Sid Kaz, Toby Heizler

Pat Henig Hartman, Allen Koretsky, Linda Issacson Beck

Marty Swidler, Norma Oronowsky Swidler, Frances Frieder Gordon

Shelly Blitz Berk, Beverly Wilens Jacobson, Linda Issacson Beck

Jim Andrews, Julie Goldschmidt Schlossberg, Naomi Glicken

Sandy Simpson Lund, Paula Schwartz Zeid, Judy Price Goldman

Beverly Wilens Jacobson, Carol Romberg Gail

Marshall Zandell, John Salinger

Gail Marx Salinger, Pat Henig Hartman

Loren Kramer, Don Andrews, Gene Cohen

Fran Grossman, Julie Goldschmidt Schlossberg, Shelly Blitz Berk

Steve Margolin, Mike Grossman, George Ury

Toby Heizler, Allen Koretsky, Linda Issacson Beck

Barbara Much Roseman, Debbie Davidson Lange

Natalie Leon, Dorothy Weinberg

Fran Zemans, Joel Zemans, Sandy Simpson Lund

Marty Swidler, Norma Oronowsky Swidler, Barbara Much Roseman, Sonny Roseman

Julie Goldschmidt Schlossberg, Lyle Felsenthal, Sandy Simpson Lund

Ivan Berk, Pat Henig Hartman, Frances Frieder Gordon, Shirley Ruthstein Schwartz

Steve Margolin, Phil Hecht, Christine Hecht

Debbie Davidson Lange, David Selig, Burton Weinberg, Dorothy Weinberg

Natalie Leon, Stan Leon

Christine Hecht, Shelly Blitz Berk

Steve Sherman, Marshall Zandell

Bob Schlossberg, Julie Goldschmidt Schlossberg

Marty Swidler, Norma Oronowsky Swidler





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